Monday, December 12, 2005


THE SEMESTER IS FINISHED!! It concluded with the completion of my biology final this morning at 8am! yay. I travel home Sunday the 18th and will return to CA on Tuesday the 27th. BUT for now, I'M GOING BACK TO SLEEP =)

it has been requested by more than one person (yep, that does mean 2) that I should add to my wishlist - im guessing more realistic gift options... so here ya go guys:

movies: mr and mrs smith, the island (and I would add 'batman begins' but SERENA got it for me today during our secret santa exchange along with a batmobile, a batman placemat, and a chipotle gift certificate to, and i quote, "fill the void" this winter when she is in Arizona - THANKS SERENA YOU'RE THE BESTEST!!)

moccasins (they have really really cute and comfy ones at target for like 12 bucks!)

your (yes you) all time favorite book/novel (i would be more than interested in reading it =)

gilmore girls poster (preferably 6th season, and preferably including lorelai and rory)

microsoft publisher and powerpoint

a moblie zip drive thingymabobber

burt's bees chapstick

a diffuser (and, hey, why not add a ceramic straightener with it as well)

cannon digital camera

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isnochys said...

-> Watch On The Rhine, by John Ringo