Wednesday, December 14, 2005

feliz cumpleanos a mi!

it was one of those see-your-breath-against-the-brisk-evening-sky kind of nights. my favorite hopesters: Serena, Kyle and Andy, and I were cosied around a sbux table at the corner of st. college and chapman- each of us nonchalantly sneaking peeks at our cell phones between sips of our warm and unique concoctions. it was nearly time, but before the clock struck midnight I mosied down the storefronts to Chipotle and placed my hand against its heavenly entrance. and then, (drum roll please), our phones each vibrated/rang/jingled and Serena Bjurlin was the first to wish me a happy birthday.
we hopped into kyle's ride yo and rode back to campus. while we were saying goodnight to our boys they started straight tripping boo, right, and told us to meet up with them in the lounge in a couple minutes. serena and I chilled on the balcony, and then went into the lounge - it was kind of bunk how long we had to wait. but then kyle and andy came in with a slice of cake that looked like da bomb with sprinkles and, what they thought, were those trick candles - boy they need to get right. i give them mad props for the present.
(okay I can't handle the remix anymore)
Accompanied with the traditional gesture of cake and candles was a bag with an assortment of gifts. It included cake mix- in order to bake my own birthday desert, a washington grown apple- I'm presuming to do with my original residence, and mint chocolate chip ice cream- which is the most divine flavor of all ice cream flavors. I thanked them both accordingly and after exchanging pleasantries we departed and proceeded to our respective dormitories.
(oookay that's exhausting)

plain me
and that's all within the first hour of my birthday! serena is leaving me for AZ tomorrow morning at 10 - or whenever she concludes her final final =). kyle is leaving me for Germany on thursday - i guess this means we're breaking up *tear* =). and as far as Andy goes, well I'm the one leaving his sorry butt on Sunday =) its ok though because when I come back Chino aint that far.
the top ten "happy birthday" standings (in the exact order they were received by myself):
1. Serena
2. Dan Vy (text message)
3. Andy/Kyle
4. Jessica
5. Dan Vy (myspace)
6. Timbuktu (myspace)
7. Shari (e-card)
8. Christine
9. Shaunna
10. Jon/Tris (e-card)

congratulations on making the top ten!! ha, im a dork... ok well im off to bed... i will leave you with a couple interesting - (i guess that's really up to you) - facts about me and the day of my birth:

I was born December 14th, 1985 -yep, that makes me 20- at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, Washington
I was brought into this world around 5:30am and I believe I weighed in around 8 pounds
When delivered the ambilical cord was wrapped around my neck
I was the last teenager of the Collins family - the next one won't be for another 12 years (yep I'm the baby of the whooooole family - not surprised, are you?)
I still have the wristband I received during my stay in the hospital on my day of birth.


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Oops, I can't believe I didn't make it into the top 10. It is because I am very kind and waited to call you at 8:45am.

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Many happy returns!