Thursday, December 29, 2005

im back

back to blogging, that is

jeeeeez guys I apologize already *cough* jessica *cough* timmy.... ok so i haven't posted anything for nearly two weeks now but my comp has been a little under the weather - (not to mention im over my picture messenging limit for the month - cell phone). the comp though: in fact, it had a pretty severe virus, but I took it to Dr. Breau for a checkup and he prescribed a re-boot.
so i have lost all of my pictures, all of my music, all of my documents, all of my downloaded programs, BUT ITS OK because my entire life is posted on the 'net HA, scary isn't it - and everything that isn't up was saved appropriately. its actually kind of fun starting all over and, hey, I'VE GOT THE TIME.

so im back in the swing of things in CA coaching the LM girls... we are currently in a tourney and we just finished 1st in our bracket - my fullback scored in the last 5 minutes with her left foot, it was sweet - so in a couple hours we play in the semi final. i believe that makes us 12-1. that damn 1 game.

jon, tristen, and brynne came up from Laguna Beach to take me grocery shopping. YEP I'm on my own this month- the caf' is closed until classes start back up -late January. it is the first time that I have gone grocery shopping FOR MYSELF. i've got plenty of goods from Trader Joe's and I invested in some silverwear, bowls, and a cooking pan. Jon says "a plant won't grow with microwaved water" - i'd like to think he sees me as the plant.

we ate dinner at Culinary Wraps - Jon gave it a "C-". i didn't think it was half-bad... that could have been because I hadn't eaten all day.
brynne got some slip-on vans... she was going to get my dotted ones but instead decided on the coffee stripes - i think they are sweet. i still want all white ones.
thanks shari and terou for the "shmanglies" - you are too kind

i got a nano!! it is sweet, i'm definitely for the splurge mom- THANKS! every eve of every christmas day since i can remember has been celebrated at gpa and gma Collins' home. all of the extended family gets together to exchange presents and celebrate the holiday - i am the youngest of all the cousins and since everyone is getting married and having children I predict a change in tradition within a couple years - *tear*.
every christmas morning the gblocks - moms 'rents - come over to open socks (aka stockings- for you cait). i can't imagine it ever being any different. christmas day was a sweet time this year again at the Spiro's home - delicious food, great company and CRAZY games, thanks David and Jody!
after christmas dinner the 'rents and I hit up the southcenter AMC to see gNarnia (for my second time) - it worked out though because last time i saw it i fell asleep half at the end, and this time i fell asleep at the beginning. anyway, the week I had at home in the big WA seemed like a mere couple days - i am confident that time passes twice as fast up north.

here are some highlights...

mom got me shopped out early in the week... we hit up Seattle and, ofcourse, the gingerbread houses with Gblock - the theme this year was "The Christmas Carol". we walked into the Sheraton, though, to find an empty foyer. an employee spotted us real quick - it must have been the huge frowns of disappointment that enveloped our faces. he instructed us that the ginger bread houses were moved across the street to the civic center. it became a grandiose candy house scavenger hunt as the moms and I rode the escalators up and down and up and down - making certain we didn't miss any of the edible masterpieces.

tim from fdub PJs met up with me in the big city and we strolled the pacific science centre. we hit up the butterfly pavillion, learned about the planets, gravity, allusions, physics, crime investigation, and Tim even gave the forecast- and incredibly well I might add.
... how perfect! - christmas with little tim cratchit.

later we went ice skating - i was silently reluctant at first, but it turned out to be a successful event (i only NEARLY fell a handful of times). we ended the evening with a comida coin flip and "fate" chose 'the land of India' of pioneers square (or shumshing like that). it was my first Indian food experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it - tim, on the other hand, probably would have rathered bbq ribs or pizza. thanks tim for the sweet time.

my friend tyler and I kicked it my first day back. we graduated together from Decatur, although he is 2 years younger and will be a college graduate - UW Tacoma - at 18 this march - CRAZINESS. poor kid, i probably bored him to death - we watched willy wonka and the chocolate factory at mi casa and then mom joined us for a homemade chicken fettuccini dinner. 'chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum i hate the most' - i had a sweet time though =)

i visited Caitlin at the Sato's dinner gathering. I believe they should make me an official honarary member of the Britt/Cook/Sato family (I swear I go to nearly all of their family events whenever im home)... they probably think I have no family of my own - it's really the only time i get to see Cait and, ofcourse, I enjoy their company- always a sweet time.

it is so small and cute - thanks dad for setting it up for me!! dealing with my sick computer and trying to install the Ipod software was a headache and a half - but Paps came through. okay guys, though, one thing i don't like about it are the headphones... they just scream "hey look at me i have an Ipod!" while sitting at the airport waiting for my flight - if i had a dollar for every person I saw with the white headphones in their ears I would have topped Oprah as the richest woman alive. and don't you hate when you are visiting with someone and they have the damn plugs in their ears?? now i have to freaking be aware - im apologizing now ahead of time, ok? =)


Bridget Beth said...

Maybe a plant won't grow without water.....because it's HOT.

Anonymous said...

Coley, do you have to use that "swear word". I know many in your generation don't think it is swearing, but I CAN'T STAND IT. Just my humble well maybe not so humble opinion. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cole. Glad to see you blogging again. I missed reading it over Christmas break. Heehee. Glad soccer is going well. Keep it up!! See you around...Bekah