Saturday, December 31, 2005

game night at the yamas

we placed 4th in the tourney - yep that means a couple more losses. 12-3. big game coming up: jan 4th vs Mayfair - our rival AAAAAAND it kicks off the regular season... i guess this game pretty much makes or breaks our season. LM jv was league champs last year.

cranium was an option never explored tonight- after my last experience i didn't really mind. the game is promising, though - I do have a few criticisms... make sure you play with a good mix of amigos... no fun when the teams are stacked.

i learned that apples to apples is really not about winning the most green cards - no no no - but about winning green cards with word categories that fit well in the following sentence: I AM "insert word here" IN BED ... mentionables: I was 'manly', tristen was 'snappy', and jon was 'appetizing' and 'glorious'

we moved to SCENE IT the dvd game - brynne and her friend brad were tearing it up. yeah i never got it for xmas =(... truth is i didn't get anything on the original wishlist.

i guess this is rock/paper/scissors?? brynne noticed that I was #1 on jon/tris myspace account and she was #2... we played best two of three and she beat me: scissors cut paper everytime

Laguna Beach is beautiful - each time when I drive down El Toro and make my way toward LB the road bends past ocean avenue and I feel as if the clouds should part, the sun shine through and the angels voices reflect off the water. Jon, tris and I caught the sunset just in time.

everywhere we went tonight we listened to MITCH HEDBERG and HE IS HOOOLARIOUS... I absolutely dig his style (minus a few effs and effings). its unique though - a little random... filled with jokes that, if retold, would not be funny - but its all about his delivery.

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