Sunday, December 04, 2005

the hANDYman

so andy and I are both exegetes... at least we are giving a grandiose attempt at it. We have been library dweller's for the entire weekend. As students of the TOOLS for Literary Exegesis and Analysis class we are to write a 12-15 page paper on any preferred target text in Colossians using 7-8 commentaries/bible dictionaries and at least 3 articles/journals - the research is overwhelming and it is seemingly everlasting (this is the prelude to the future complaining about my master's thesis). My goal here at HIU was never to use the Library, which was later revised to never check a book out AND I RUINED IT - on Friday the 2nd of December, 2005 Nicole Collins checked out the New Testament Greek to English translation by MacReynolds. BAH!! They even put me in the system, THERE IS RECORD OF MY FAILURE!! I could have totally just borrowed it from someone. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE BOOKS, but I just don't like LIBRARIES... weird, I know. Especially since Andy and I have extensive entrepreneurship ambitions to franchise our LIBRA-GYM "we bridge the gap between brain and brawn" (do you like my use of alliteration? Catchy MacCatcherson!). How incredibly genius is our idea? A place where you study and train. Our target demographic is college students and college towns. So it all started when I complained about our Library hours and that I wanted to start a 24 hour membership library and then Andy chimed in "like a gym" and then it evolved into the "LIBRA-GYM". Andy and I were originally going to keep it hush hush until we finished the business plans... we've decided that its beneficial to run a defecit in order to acheive a considerable profit (ok, really I learned that from Rory on Gilmore Girls... or maybe it stemmed from something I may have actually learned from being a member of the Decatur High School Marketing and Business club) - but since I've blogged it: this brilliant idea is at the fingertips of THE WHOLE WORLD - well at least those parts of the world that have internet access capability... AND if no one capitalizes on it than someday day in the near future the hANDYman and I will take over THE WHOLE WORLD. I feel like an evil laugh is coming on... mooowah ha ha ha.... ok now I really need to get back to my paper.

Coach Collins Corner (eww that would be a horrible title for ANYTHING)

This year La Mirada is hosting their first annual soccer tournament and it kicked off yesterday morning at 8am - you know how I just love early saturday mornings =). My JV team won both their games, 3-0 and 4-0, to give themselves a padded lead on the tournament scoreboard with 20 points (In tournament play you can earn up to 10 points a game: in this case I believe it is 4 points for a win, 3 points for a shutout, and 1 point for each goal up to 3, which adds up to 10 possible points). We did incredibly well considering that 3 of our starters were bumped to varsity because they were missing players due to SATs. One of the teams in the tourney looked like they could cause us a few problems, but for the most part I'm confident that my girls can pull out a couple more victories to clinch the tournament title. The tournament should wrap up next Saturday, so I will keep you up to date.

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