Tuesday, December 06, 2005

my first all-nighter

i want to sky dive on my birthday!!
I read over 120 pages last night of scholarly exegesis pertaining to a miniscule chunk -- 5 verses, if you want to get specific -- of the New Testament found in a certain letter to the Colossians that has been dubbed, in numerous varieties, but with arguable consensus, “the Christ Hymn”, only to be enveloped by commentaries that are amazing, research-- enlightening, ideas-- brilliant and interpretation-- genius, but that, I feel, have been so deeply and completely picked apart that, although in sincere and honest effort, have become frivolous and, thus, nearly useless due to over-examination. Whew. If you were overwhelmed while taking a stab at swallowing the previous interjection -- and I use interjection in the sense that while, previous to (in my paper), I attempted the unbiased approach and now I am “voicing” or expressing my novice opinion -- then you are only beginning to understand my utter amazement at how much devoted thought can be singularly focused on such a minute portion of God’s inspired word.
I commend the thoroughness of each commentary, but the emphasis Paul used to describe “supremacy of Christ in creation and redemption” (Harris, 41), which is the central issue, was seemingly diminished by the extensive, and sometimes creative, discoveries of evidence that supported each respective interpretation.

ok so I really didn't include the above nonsense in my paper EVEN THOUGH it is totally how I felt after pulling an all nighter (yep i didn't sleep) last night - im sure it would not be too popular with my prof, who has every degree in the book, to bag on the "ambitous" scholarly commentary.

i had to interrupt my exegesis around 7am to study for a bio exam that was scheduled for an hour later. i took off, notes in hand, to the empty HIU dining room for some breakfast - i needed some fuel to keep me kicking during prof Cadzows infamous torturing lecture before the exam (I caught myself nodding off a couple times, but once he dropped exam #9 on my desk I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed). a breezy in my class complained that she only got 3 hours of sleep - i just laughed to myself thinking, "hey what do ya know, that's 3 more than me". Really neither of us deserve any sympathy - sleeping nights could have been arranged if we WOULDN'T PROCASTINATE!

now I am off to coach in our first home game of the season... i better wear sunglasses or my girls are going to think im a stoner.

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