Monday, October 31, 2005

we are what we eat

happy halloween!
no, we aren't pop cans WE'RE BURRITOS - chipotle style
departing HIU
strolling down nutwood
crossing state college to Chipotle
mini me!
all done!

Chipotle rewarded those brilliantly creative people who dressed as a burrito with - what else but - a FREE burrito. Serena and I went to Costco last night to buy foil and confiscate cardboard =). Everything is in bulk so we have enough foil to rap hundreds of burritos. Serena fashioned our costumes while I helped foil them.

Now, you are probably thinking like this chap who sat next to our table who said "you have $10 costumes to get $5 burritos" - but you and the chap would be wrong, because actually we each spent $2.50 (thanks, though - i think our costumes look pretty spiffy myself). Chipotle received quality publicity from the two of us on Nutwood, State College AND Chapman.

On the way back to HIU a fellow hopester, former cub scout, told us his anecdote about wrapping boxes in tin foil and then cooking things by leaving them out in the sun - then he said he wondered what was happening to our insides. That's when Serena and I proceeded to exit our cylinder ovens.

The pictures are courtesy of Coach Kelly - whom, if you remember, we owed a burrito from the last Chipotle visit.

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r u guys naked i know you to you r