Saturday, October 01, 2005

road trip: San Diego

a lighter note first

The guys beat SDCC 3-1. I didn't stay for the game but we all met up at Jessica's - my roomie - house in SD where she made hamburgers and hot dogs and the works. On the way we stopped at this ice cream place called the Yogurt Mill and I was giving my mom the whole spiel about the game while I was deciding what to order and after a couple changes of mind I read this sign posted next to me

the verdict: peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with crushed reeses and reeses pieces

The SDCC Game

Christine and I couldn't get to sleep last night after I got home from tossing pies at Papa John's - what better, then, to put on some episodes of Gilmore Girls? - it's really the answer to everything in life. But we eventually had to sneak some winks because 6:45 am was our fate the next morning - the very time we were to meet and depart for our game against San Diego Christian College.

So I'll start off with some good news: I'M OVER THE 14 GOAL HUMP!! That's right, folks, I finally put one in after a too-many-game-scoreless streak (let's just not make 15 the new 14, alright!?).

SDCC scored two goals early - it was as if our defense were at the age where they were just learning their long division and an ice cream truck went by. And just to make things even more fun SDCC scored a third. None were very fascinating, in fact, they were mostly due to timidness on our part. SDCC's forwards would flick balls back and forth and back and forth - toying with our outside mids and so on. You think the embarrassment alone would have had one of my teammates just take one of the little flickers out.

In the last handful of minutes of the first half we were given a free kick that could only be best described as a short corner. Kim Smith placed it so perfectly that it ricocheted off of an SDCC defender right into their own net. So we're down 3-0 and all we can muster up is an OWN GOAL. A few minutes later Kandi Rodriguez cruised by her player in the left lane and gave a seam ball to Shaunna Drivdahl - my roomie - who dove for it feet first and slipped it passed the 'keep.

Going into the second half it was 3-2. Off of another free kick just beyond the 18, and maybe off to one side, the ball was getting pinged around in the box off of SDCC defender and HIU attacker and so on. Finally it came my way and I dove to kick it with my left foot toward goal where Jenny was able to ensure that it crossed the goal line. 3-3. You'd think that putting in a goal to tie the game after you felt like you dug yourself in the hugest hole would give you that much more intensity. Nope, our defenders still played timid and allowed SDCC to make them look like fools. I was almost tempted to move back. Again SDCC got a sorry goal in the box due to our poor defense. 4-3.

The game was winding down - about 15 minutes left. We had spurts of energy here and there but no one kept consistent. Failed attempt after failed attempt - including one ball that I laced through two defenders to my fellow forward who had an unlucky touch toward goal - failed attempt after failed attempt. Christine Naumo - my roomie - won a 50/50 that drove the ball air born toward goal. The defender thought she would be slick and take a touch to play it by me instead of clearing it out first time. She learned quickly that she wasn't fast enough to make up for her mistake and as we both chased the ball width long on the 18 I turned my hips and cracked one that bent over the fingertips of the 'keep into the back of the net. Sweetness.

4-4. I flashed my jersey and sprinted to the sideline drive by for a little lovin'. This is the first goal that I've been excited for - but I needed to get the feeling back, so what better than to celebrate?

So the game is near its end and we should have been scrapping for more goals so that the game wouldn't be decided in over time, but we failed again. SDCC put in a another incredibly sorry goal off of a corner - it had been cleared and blocked several times and finally just sat in front of the goal ready to be wrapped up and put under the tree. WE GAVE THEM ANOTHER GOAL. 3 or so minutes left they did the ol' sit-on-the-ball-in-the-corner bit to waste time (they weren't really sitting on it - "shielding", rather, for the non soccer fans).

And just for fun they put in another with a minute to go. Fantastic. All I have to say is all goals against today were solely due to our lack of intensity, lack of smarts, lack of caring. L, 6-4.

Good news is that my stitches remained intact despite a few headers.

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