Friday, October 14, 2005

the mom visit

mom and me at In N Out - her favorite food joint down here

I picked up mi madre, Dani, from the John Wayne airport yesterday afternoon. I haven't seen her for over 2 months- I think that's the longest we have been apart!! I was scared that she maybe unrecognizable, or that she had become some completely different person while I have been away - but, no worries, she's still MOM!

When we got back to the dorms my roomies were finishing up the last episodes of the 4th Gilmore Girls season. Mom and I caught the season finale - it's a good one, ya know, where Rory sleeps with Dean who just got married - AND THEY JUST END IT THERE - errrr.

Last second I asked mom if she wanted to go see Jimmy Kimmel Live - my absolute favorite late night show. I looked up the date and saw that Jessica Alba and some author were the guests and that Brad Paisely was going to play live. She was up for it - sweetness - so I went online to reserve tickets. We left Fullerton at 5pm to fight the working commuter's traffic and got to Hollywood and Highland to park at exactly 6:15 (the same time they were opening the doors for the show). I am a 1iota member so we got to get in the elite line and, although we were late, we got in no problem AND sweet seats at that. Unfortunately, while in line, we learned that I had misread the guest list for the night and it was actually the writers for South Park - who were very cute by the way - and some guy named Rodney (a redneck stand up comedian who has his own sitcom now). The show was pretty trashy, I feel bad for taking mom - let's just say that the writers of South Park were the least crude of the night. Jimmy was still great.

After the show we walked hollywood boulevard to see the stars and the footprints. We were entertained by a group of break dancers who were unimaginably acrobatic and incredibly talented at dancing. Mom added a couple bucks to their tip bucket - if they ever become famous she can say she contributed to their stardom.

I FEEL BAD because I absolutely looooove comida mexicana and I took mom to rubio's mexican grill on the way home from the airport and then after the kimmel show we went down the street to Baja Fresh and the next day for lunch there was carne asada tacos in the commons. Buuuuut I did take mom to IN N OUT - her flavorite place to eat down here.

I've been feeling under the weather =( - so mom and I decided to have a Lord of The Rings marathon Friday (and we only got through the Fellowship of the Ring) - It was interrupted by my soccer practice and a girls volleyball game.

Today mom came to my soccer game against Concordia University. We lost 3-1, but I headed one in just for her - off a free kick - 17 goals... and counting =). We stayed to watch most of the guys game before I took her back to the airport to go home to Woarshington - that is, after we got a bite to eat at Rubio's again =). She took a picture of my burnt face and the tan line left by the band aid that was covering my scar - I try to keep it out of the sun, but I guess from now on I should just trust sunscreen =).

I'LL MISS YOU MOM!!! thanks for coming and hanging out and eating tons of mexican food - it was loads of fun!


Anonymous said...

Nicky, if brad paisley had performed at your jimmy kimmel, we would have been TWINS because her performed at Conan O'Brien when i went! holla


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
I miss your mom! I'm glad you posted a picture. I wish I was there with you. I would have even sat through a raunchy Jimmy Kimmel show with you.
Sounds like you are having a good time! Hope you kicked some butt today.

Anonymous said...

I think Mexican food is high in fat, I gained 3.5 pounds in three days! Thanks for the very fun time and for the goal.