Tuesday, September 13, 2005

two-game losing funk

We had it and we let it slip away. And I couldn’t finish worth - errrrrr. A couple shanks over, misses wide, inside pole dinks, and, yes I admit, shots right into the goalie’s arms. I just couldn’t find the back of the net. We scored early in the first half and despite our numerous efforts we could not convert a second goal. In the second half our opportunities dwindled, but we maintained our 1-0 lead - well until the last 3 minutes of the game when Occidental sent a hospitable ball across the goal and one of their outside midfielders finished a late run to tap it across the goal line. The next two minutes went by like seconds and before we knew it we were in overtime: sudden death. In the second 10 minute half we gave occidental a corner kick that concluded with our demise. We had it and we let it slip away.

And I thought Saturday’s game was frustrating. Monday Central Washington University came to play and we must have forgot we had a game. Really, I don’t know what happened. My team must have thought that there was a social event that afternoon at the Hydraflow field. Everyone must have been expecting beverages and refreshments, because when none arrived all we did was sulk and stand around and avoid each other. When someone did decide to start a conversation the other wouldn’t care to even pay attention. We were all in a funk - tt was annoying - we just sat back front and center and watched CWU play the game. I don’t want to take away from CWU’s program, but we shouldn’t’ have let them hang with us. There is no good reason why CWU beat us - end of story. I hope coach kills us at practice today because we have four days to recover before we play our next game.

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Nate said...

The best medicine for a funk is taking a complete break from it and getting lost in something entirely seperate. Go to a movie, books, whatever. Get yourself lost, and you'll get inspired. Losing sucks, but it just keeps rolling unless you forget about it. DONT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING SOCCER.