Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Andy's two cents I feel about being top scorer and point leader in the nation for the NCCAA (very humble of me - I know).

Andy's two cents...

As I took a break from work, I decided to do some good ol research about the one and only Nicole Collins! The rumors keeping growing louder and louder about her becoming an all-american this year and with good reason. If you are anywhere near Hydraflow field during a Women's game, I promise you will hear someone shout words of hope towards the lady Royal's leading scorer. If you don't know which one Nicole is, just stand by the field for a minute and you will soon be introduced to the holder of the new NAIA "Most-goals-in-a-game" record-holder with SIX goals in one game. Astonishing? Yeah, why not give it that title? I wanna end this with the question of the day: "If I were a fish in a body of water filled with all the male fishes and you were fishing, would you either keep me and claim me as your most valuable catch or throw me back in the water"?

-Andy Plascencia

So we did get our butts kicked at practice on Tuesday - in case you were worried about it. Coach didn't run practice, she handed us over to Coach Jayson who ran our training session boot camp style. We didn't even touch a ball, I loved it though. He got into everyone's face when we ran the FIFA test - intense circuit training. We had to do 4 sets of these full-field dynamic workouts in 12 minutes. The majority of the team passed - including me. I was in the first group to go - I was number six and we would take off 10 seconds after the person in front of us. Jayson would run up beside us periodically and call us out, saying things like "you want to cut corners? cutting corners doesn't get you to Florida (where the national tournament is this year)... cutting corners doesn't win games... you aren't going to make it this pace - you might as well just leave the field and give up right now" etc. It was great though, we needed to get kicked in the butt. Practice consisted of grueling activities such as carrying teammates on your back and doing suicides, wall-sitting partner style, push ups/leg throws, sprints, full-field lunges and more. After practice I announced that we were still having AM practice the next day (as a captain I facilitate morning workouts all Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays that we don't have games). We start warming up for AM practices at 6:30. Not too fun when you were up all night studying classes and cramming for exams - especially when you have a full load that day and maybe even a game.

Tonight I did team laundry IT WAS LOADS OF FUN - we have team jobs that we rotate throughout the season. As a freshman I was on team laundry the whole year. It works out just peachy though because I get to choose when I want to do it and I wash ALL of my athletic gear every time. Tonight, though, after all was folded and seperated there was ONE LONE SOCK. Incredibly annoying - but fortunately it wasn't mine =).
I read Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis last weekend and still have yet to decide whether I like it or not (It's probably because I read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and The Horse and His Boy previous to - waaaay easier reading). We are given a couple days to read each one. I will say, though, that it was genius. Just not my style. I guess I'm just not of genius caliber like that of CS Lewis. Good thing we have class discussions in Lit that set us straight. It's all about stealing past watchful dragons. My Lit Professor, Cora Alley, actually wrote parts of the anticipated Major Motion Picture of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - how cool is that?. We are going on a field trip to see it this winter as a class. Her and her husband, another professor at HIU, publicated an entire curriculum for children's minsitries on the book/movie. We tested out some of the games and activities during one of our class sessions - it was sweet.

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