Wednesday, September 21, 2005

super is a dead word, yeah?

I think they could have come up with a better adjective than SUPER before sopohomore... c'mon!

thanks serena's mom for baking fabulously delicious chocolate chip banana bread and for raising a thoughtful and sharing daughter! I came home from work to find a "gift for you note" on my desk accompanied by a generous slice.

Master's in one week

If we beat Master's on Tuesday the 27th Jessica's mom is buying us the FOURTH SEASON OF GILMORE GIRLS!! I better get crackin'- I've only just begun the second disc of season two (just know I watched the first season within 4 or 5 days YIKES!). Have I mentioned ever that Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show? The writer must be my long lost twin and I'm anxious to meet her after all of these years. I live vicariously through Rory Gilmore - it's sad, I know. Like the other day I was identifying different organelles and structures of various epithelial cells in biology lab and while determining whether it was simple or stratified all along I was really wondering whether Loralei was going to make it to her wedding day and really go through with marrying Max Medina - Rory's Lit Teacher! Oh yeah and, by the way, if we beat Master's we go to the NCCAA national tournament in Kissimmee, Florida during Thanksgiving break.


So I got called into work yesterday after soccer practice to learn the new profit system they had just installed that morning. At first I was incredibly unexcited about the news but after using it a couple times I've decided that it is way more effecient and, hey, work was getting slow and boring right - so why don't add the torment of learning the new Papa John's Profit System version 1.7? Really, though, after a few phone orders I think I've got it down so we'll be ready for the mad rush this weekend. By the way, THE INSIDER WHO WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS got fired.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that you look incredibly ogre-ish and awkward in that picture? Hollerrr.

Nicole Pairlee said...

haha i totally agree... i called it "ewwwwwsoccer". no lie, if you leave your pointer over the pic for a couple seconds you can see for yourself =)