Friday, August 12, 2005

Pet Chickens

Last night mom and I stayed at Jon and Tristen's in Portland. Brynn happened to be staying with them for the weekend too - so it was a sweet time. Tristen made us all a big fancy dinner and after we chatted away in the living room to cheese cake and coffee (a great combination, by the way). Jon and Tristen have pet chickens!! This way they don't have to waste money on expensive cage free organic eggs at the store - they have chickens in the backyard to lay eggs for them instead. I think it's the coolest. When the chickens are done laying eggs - I guess they only do this for a couple years - then they kill them and eat the chicken. Mom was appualed. Jon put it in perspective though, "Anyone who eats meat should kill the animal." Really what he meant is that people are ok with eating meat but god forbid they kill the animal they eat.

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jon said...

I try not to think of them as pets otherwise I might not be able to eat them. I just picture them as roasted chickens running around the yard - all sizzlen and juicy.