Sunday, August 21, 2005

one headlight

Errrr my first day with the car in cali and my right headlight is burnt out!! It's ok though, I went to Kraegen (It's like a shucks auto parts). First I called Paps because I didn't know what kind of a light was needed or how to do it. When I walked into Kraegen one of the guys who worked there was like "how can I help ya" i need a headlight "what year is it - 90-91?"..... I told him '91. how great of service is that?? they watch you drive and park and before you get into the store they know your make and model and, in this case, they just needed help with the year. The guy took no time, strolled down the aisle and snatched my Sylvania 6504-orrsomethingelse - I paid $14 clean and headed back to the dorms after spending only a few minutes in the shop. I called Andy to see if he had a screw driver... He must have thought this meant I wanted him to change the light for me. His roomy David said Andy was nervous because he had never done it before. So Andy did end up changing it while I gave him instructions annnnnnnnd - only one lost screw later - we successfully changed the headlight.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Andy!