Saturday, August 20, 2005

move with us

both the soccer teams moved all the freshman in today! it was craziness - I don't know where some of these freshman girls think they are going to put their stuff. it was a good time though - In-N-Out came and catered the whole New Student Orientation move-in event. We all wore shirts that said "We Move" on the front and "Move With Us" on the back. All the families looked real stressed - especially the one's who were moving in their daughters - but when a group of us would hand the parents cups of cold water and take the boxes, bins, drawers, suitcases, bags and whatever it is that they brought from them to their rooms they suddenly became incredibly appreciative. With our assistance every freshman was moved in with one load.

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Jessica Sandoval said...

IN-N-Out rocks!!!! They really know how to make people happy, ill try and see if I can get some made in Washington, esp. Tacoma!