Thursday, August 18, 2005

party in the ice bath

After evening practice today Shaunna, Serena and I jumped into the ice bath. After every practice most the team goes in to ice all the parts of the body that are sore or tender and before every practice we go in to heat those areas. Initially it was freezing to get in - I yelled and moaned and nearly cried - but after a couple minutes I went numb and all was well. Do you see the rubber ducky in the picture?? Today is Kandi Rodriguez's 19 birthday - she is a transfer on the soccer team, and my roommate for Hell Week. During a drill at morning practice I served a ball to her in the air and when she turned to get it she stepped on a cone and bit it - happy birthday Kandi =). We all enjoyed cupcakes at dinner to celebrate. Below is Shaunna and Serena enjoying their cupcakes a little too much. Yesterday the team went to Brea Mall to have a scavenger hunt. There were 5 or 6 teams and we searched the mall for things like: toilet-seat covers, a 1976 penny, travel guide, for sale sign, brochure, safety-pin, rubber band, yellow string, catalog and more. I guess the Info Desk at the mall had a little verbal quarrel with some of the players - we probably asked them too many repetitive questions (like, "do you have a travel agency") - they threatened that security would throw us out if they knew what we were up to. BAH, MEH, BOO - that's all I have to say about that. Nonetheless, my team reigned victorious - yep!, Natalie, Serena and I won, hands down, with plenty of time to spare. We were given gift certificates to Jamba Juice - sweet deal!

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