Wednesday, August 24, 2005

clash n' bowl

Serena and Jenny - two freshmen on the soccer team - got their clash on the other night. HIU scheduled a night out to go bowling for New Student Orientation. There was actually a ton of stuff planned this week before classes started.

Last night we had our first soccer game - actually a scrimmage - against Victor Valley College. We won 4-1... I scored all four =). Taryn - our freshman goalie - decided that scoring 4 goals should be called a "lion" (3 goals is a hat trick). I don't know where she got it, maybe because our mascot is a Lion - although we are the Royals.

When we got back from Victorville - desert about an hour northeast - there was inflatables and a live band on campus. I sumo-wrestled Andy - we got into these oversized sumo suits with a helmet that looked like sumo wrestler's hair. I only beat him once out of like three - when he came at me I managed to spin out of the way (realize that movement in these suits are minimal, you can't even pick yourself up from the ground), but it was in front of everyone so the moment was sweet =).

We got our jerseys today! They are sweet. All I have to say is adidas. We even got game day jerseys to sport during at class and on campus.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, classes started today!! Here's my current schedule.

College Math 1
Bio Lab
History of American Religion

College Math 1

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Bio Sci
Myth Fantasy and Imagination in Literature
Tools for Exegesis and Analysis

NO CLASS! yay!

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