Sunday, August 07, 2005

officially sick of painting

Paps and I finally finished painting the entire west side of the casa while Nicky has been painting the inside stairwell of his uncle's house. This weekend after painting for Paps during the morning and afternoon I went and helped Nick's painting project in the evening by taping the rails and trim. Nick's aunt is an interior designer and their house seems to evolve somewhat according to popular trend - All of the rooms, including ceilings, are painted with different colors of brilliant shades and are completed nicely with white trim (sound to you like any houses you've seen in any home magazines in the past few years or so?). The living and dining rooms are adjacent and are both painted a shade of green while the stairwell and upstairs hall is a shade of yellow - kind of orange-ish, I really like it (the picture doesn't do it justice). Buuuuut the Aunt and Uncle are supposedly sick of the color and Nick's job is to cover it with the green shade. I would have to say that it's a little tooooo much green for mwa, but that's ok because it's not my house that Nick is painting =). Anyway, I think I've had a summer's worth of painting and, hopefully, I won't have to do any more before the next one.

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