Monday, August 08, 2005

The Last Rendezvous

Originally the Last Rendezvous was planned for last Thursday - see Planning the Last Rendezvous - buuut due to work constraints Nick requested to move the planned events to Sunday. Moving the date, consequently, created a new condensed version of the original one: watching the blue angels perform, dining at Costas Opa - Greek cuisine at Fremont, catching a flic at the Neptune, strolling around pike place, shopping on 4th, and dipping our toes in at Alki were all nixed.

Comedy Club Closed. Also, due to a family event on Sunday, the date started late... Nick and I drove to Giggles Comedy Club in the U-District for Open Mic Night. This is where amateur comedians try out their stand-up material for a couple minutes each. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the last comedian of the night was performing so we were unable to get in.

Half-Baked at Highland. No worries, though - we hopped in the 'lude, jumped across the Fremont Bridge to Queen Anne Hill, made a Ben & Jerry's stop at the Metro Mart and polished it off - almost - while taking in the captivating view from Kerry Park of Downtown Seattle lighting up the night sky.

Beginners in Boats. Monday afternoon we rented a Kayak at Agua Verde - mexican food/boat rental joint on Brooklyn near UW - and paddled the waters of Lake Union (or is it Washington??) from the University District to Gas Works Park. After acquanting ourselves with the local tugboats, houseboats, sailboats and yachts, Nick and I headed back to shore and eventually home.

I never realized how much I'm going to miss the Seattle area until lately. Sure, I'll have the coast and the Southern California beaches, but there's something about the Puget Sound and how it rests against hills saturated with evergreen trees that makes me feel incredibly soothed and content.

Tuesday is Nick's turn to plan our official last day together before he leaves for vacation, I leave for traning camp, and we both leave for school.

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