Monday, July 11, 2005

the coolest drink on earth

happy birthday dear slurpee, happy birthday to you!

the slurpee's 40th birthday is today!

it all started
with a broken soda machine in kansas at a drive in burger joint owned by a guy named omar. his quick-fix was to selll soft drinks that came straight from the freezer. this make-shift resolution became an instant hit. With some help, omar made a machine that struggled to sell these frozen drinks.

in 1965 a 7-eleven store saw the machines, liked the idea, bought 3 and it has evolved to what we all know as the Slurpee - this was because there was a "slurp" sound when you sucked the icy beverage through a straw.

i enjoyed a complimentary slurpee during my break on it's 40th birthday at the 7-eleven next door to papa john's. the blueberry breeze (or whatever alliteration they used - i don't remember) turns your tongue berry blue.

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