Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is this what hell is like?

I tried out a stand up tanning bed today. It was intense. No really, it was called an Intensive Stand Up Tanning Bed. I disrobed, lotioned, stepped in, shut the door, pressed the button and BAM! ultraviolet rays assaulted my skin (hot and SCARY!)... except for the area that was covered with a small three-leaf clover sticker. I bathed in the synthetic sun for 5 minutes.

Aruba Tanning, next to LA Fitness, is brand new (just like the rest of The Crossings) and really nice. The receptionist was helpful and friendly, and he wasn't a too-tan monkey (that nickname goes waaaay back ;)

I love LA Fitness. On my way out today I asked one of the trainers for a free guest pass on-the-spot for my friend Jeff who is in town for the month. He scribbled his employee number and signature on a business card and crafted a make-shift one-week admittance ticket.

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