Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gustav delays Nicole's poetry exam

My enrollment at LSU for ENG 2027 expires September 20th! ... and then I have 40 days to complete the Final Exam. Plenty of tiempo :)

On Labor Day I finally submitted my last poetry assignment! Upon submission, Louisiana State University sends the final exam to my proctor (currently Highline Community College Test Center with Robin Loveless, formerly Trinity International University's Samir Massouh). It's been a week and there is no confirmation that LSU has received my last assignment or that my test has been sent out. Uh oh. So I sent an email to check up on things...


This was the auto response from LSU...

Louisiana State University will be closed September 1 for the Labor day holiday and September 2 in preparation for Tropical Storm (or Hurricane) Gustav. We will respond to any emails in the order that they have been received as soon as we can.

You may refer to your course guide, your program bulletin, or use our web site as many of the answers to your questions may be found in those resources.

How crazy... Louisiana State University is in Baton Rouge, LA.

Once I complete Poetry, my LSU transcript will be submitted to TIU and should hopefully not take more than a couple months to process and I will have my diploma!

Laid back/no gift pleae Grad Party TBA!

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