Wednesday, August 27, 2008

starbucks minisodes

What can I say?... No one loves food service more than me.

There's only two types of people in the U.S.: Starbucks employees and Starbucks customers. Juuust kidding :) But really, which one are you?

Today at work I wrote Starbucks minisodes in my head. I was inspired by both my partners and customers.

We have an erratic a.m. barista who tries so hard to achieve customer service that she moves in hyperspeed and rattles off drink orders as the customers walk through the door. I'm pretty sure there's no relation between the speed of speech and speed of drink. Instead, the relation is drink error. She would be a perfect supporting character.

We also have a customer who so liked a discontinued syrup that we kept a stash of the last bottle in the cupboard marked with his name. Recently the bottle emitted its last pump of sugary liquid, but the customer protested its disposal and kept it as a memento. I'm pretty sure he has nothing better to do than come harass a few baristas every day.

There's a cute couple who come in every morning an order "fore here" lattes and share a pastry. I like them.

That's just a taste. There's plenty of material. One minisode involves two lines, two registers, two baristas and two customers who, at the same exact time, order the last eight-grain roll in the pastry case...

I found a picture on Google Images of an actual Starbucks 8 grain roll. Fascinating. You can really find anything! Palm Trees, hmmm... where do you think it's from?

We also call the roll cardboard, but it is 330 calories, 5 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat. So it tastes bad AND it's bad for you... now that's not a happy combination. Disclaimer: "cardboard" was a nickname provided by a regular a.m. customer. I have never tasted anything from the pastry case.

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Linds said...

what starbucks do you work at?????
Im up in Bonney Lake!