Friday, January 20, 2006

online cpr training?

so i was notified today that i needed to submit a copy of my First Aid and CPR card to the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District in order to get paid for my assignment: that is, my coaching gig. So my asst. coach, Lauren, told me that she completed her training online at Emergency University. I assumed that she only did the First Aid online - because how could you perform CPR via the 'net?... i guess anything can be done on the web these days. I learned that you could "get free CPR training with the purchase of First Aid for only $39.95." I was a little skeptical about whether it was a valid course - but after doing less than a little investigating I typed in my credit card information in and two hours later I completed all the sessions and passed both the tests and received two certificates - which are a little cheesy and pretty easy to manipulate. Hey, whatever works... the CPR was pretty straight forward and not much has changed since I took the training in junior high school - but the First Aid training was unexpectedly enlightening, and I actually found myself ignorant to a lot of procedure to do with strokes, seizures and hypoglycemia... its a drag that im dealing with teenagers - i do have a girl, though, that has asthma and according to Emergency University there is a time or two that I should have called 911. instead i told her to suck it up and get back on the line to do sprints with the rest of her teammates - no, just kidding, we got her inhaler and called her mom =). is it wrong that since I am First Aid competent I am hoping for an emergency situation so I can test my mad skills?? yeah, really, I just hope the last 3 weeks of LM soccer goes smoothly annnnnd swiftly =).

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