Thursday, November 24, 2005


I got back to California this morning and to my dorm room at noon only to remember that my La Mirada High School team had a scrimmage at 3. Luckily it was only about 5 minutes away from HIU so I was able to grab a bite to eat and get some sleep before the game.
I have 24 players!!! So many names to remember and positions to remember and 24 PLAYERS!!! Dealing with playing time and angry parents is going to be loads of fun. Well the girls are fast, and they've got talent. We won 4-1. Undefeated on the season so far - maybe I should quit while I'm ahead =) - just kidding.

When I got back from the game I tried to finish Jessica's movie "Extreme Days" but fell asleep. here is a message i sent to my roomies...

errrrrrrr so last night after the LM game i was watching a movie in the room and i set my alarm for 7:45om in case i fell asleep - you know me- so that i would wake up for Gilmore Girls @ 8pm... ok so i wake up to the alarm and then i remember laying there for like 5 minutes and the next thing i know its 9:45pm - I FREAKING FELL ASLEEP AGAIN!!!! errrrr so i totally missed GG... i guess i'll have to download it now =(... well anyway i thought you would like to hear my little saga - im really bored right now waiting at the airport for my flight to board to SEATTLE WOARSHINGTON!!! yay.. well happy thanksgiving and i'll see you monday.

now I'm home, finally. after I'm done flying back and forth for christmas I'm definitely ready for a long vacation from planes and the airport =).

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