Sunday, November 13, 2005

florida fundraising cont.

Christine's mom and the secretaries at her church baked an asortment of incredibly delicous desserts - another fundraising effort. We sold them Friday night at the women's opening basketball game against William Jessup - HIU ran WJ into the ground while breaking one hundred points - 102-44 to be exact. The Royals didn't seem to have a problem with scoring, but it will be interesting to see how their defense matches up against the tougher teams lined up during GSAC play. We also sold the goods Saturday night at the final Volleyball match of vs Vanguard, which unforunately ended in defeat - but fortunately the brownie and cookie sales weren't too shabby (the girls raised more money selling baked goods than the guys did in their 3 on 3 tournament =).

Jessica and I decided to combine our loose change in my yellow Jamba Juice water bottle and donate it to the Florida trip. How much do you think is in the bottle? I guessed around $15.

Well I really said fifTY and it sounded like fifTEEN - you know how that is... =)

We had a car wash today that was - no surprise - no fun, but we did make a good chunk ofchange. Car washes are usually not the most fun, but this one was EXTRA not fun because it turned into a "where are all the girls, they aren't working as hard as us" - whining and sniveling from the boys - which leads to retaliation from the girls, which is real mature and loads of fun.

There was peace at one time, that is, when the boys weren't getting heckled by their coach about not raising enough money (I guess their way of dealing with it was taking it out on us women). They've been crying since day one about who does what and who is making what AND IM SICK OF IT. Bottom line: we are ALL going to Florida, everything we do to raise money is helping us do so.

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