Friday, October 21, 2005


Get Your Roommate A Date! is tonight. Theme: "The Good Old Days" so dress in your best 20's, 30's or 40's costume. It's at the Spring Field Banquet Hall so be ready to dance the night away and be a participant in some of your favorite game shows.

So I was set-up with ANDY. Buuut it really can't be classified as a "set-up" because this is how it went down: "Hey, Nicole, my roommates kind of wanted to go with your roommates to GYRAD and so I was thinking that we'd go together." After some persuasion and the explaining of how Taryne, his girlfriend, was going to be in Chicago for her brother's wedding so she couldn't go, etc, someone proceeded to sign us up. Tuesday it was posted.

One little itsy bitsy detail: I work tonight. Buuuut on the way home from my CBU game (wednesday) I called in and Miguel was incredibly understanding =).

Asking someone out on a date is just awkward. Tony, a guy I work with at PJ's, is incredibly nice and has asked me to hang out with some of his friends a couple of times. The problem is he asks me to go to things like pirate parties at Laguna Beach the night before a game - and really everything just seems to conflict with soccer anyway. His friend Darrin, my former manager, subtly attempted to set me up with Tony for GYRAD last weekend, "Hey Nicole are you going to GYRAD," as he turns to Tony who gets all red-faced and flustered. "Yeah, actually, I'm going with Andy... but, hey, I'll go with Tony and just find Andy a new date - no prob," I answered presumptiously and sarcastically, but quite correctly. Tony must have decided that the embarrassment was enough to give up on GYRAD.

My turn. So I have hung out a couple times - twice, exactly - with my friend Jesse from Woarshington. He goes to Concordia, in Irvine, about 15 minutes away. I dragged him along to Knott's Scary Farm with the hopesters and after the frightful night my teammates came up with the oh so brilliant idea that I should ask him to GYRAD. So I thought about it... Jesse is a stud and someone I've always had a good time with, so I figured it wasn't a bad idea. I ask him. He says yes. Easy as that.

Easy as that, ha. I come back to the dorm room from practice to find a comment from Andy:

so i dont know how im gonna deal with this...this all happned so fast. I never saw this coming, i feel betrayed. First u cheat on me with my own roommate, then u declare him as your bf before u broke up with me. If thats not bad enough, u take me off the top 8 and fat boy over here keeps making fun of me non stop. I guess ill have to settle with what i can get and we'll have our final chance for romance at GYRAD. haha

okay, so realize the whole cheating allusion is just a joke because Kyle Goodman, the on-campus boyfriend, is Andy's roommate.

So breaking the news to Andy that I was ditching him was easy enough because he found out before I even got the chance to call him - before I even got the chance to ditch him... I blame it on the clairvoyant roommates =).

Easy as that, ha. The roommates, both Andy's and mine, decide that they are too cool for GYRAD and proceed to make new plans for Friday night. And not only are they ditching GYRAD, but they are trying to bring down more people with them - like Serena, who gets to choose GYRAD with her roomies, or the alternative with ME.

What I really want to do tonight is watch Gilmore Girls, study, and read a little =) - sounds just fabulous to me. Instead I'll be swinging at little white balls and shooting people with lasers.


Anonymous said...

I'm lost! So who are you going with? Jesse or Andy?
ps: I'll be in CA on Nov. 19, if no one's taken your garbage out, maybe I can do it for you then. Kaylan's getting married in Ventura! Is that close?

Nicole Pairlee said...

The consensus of my roommates is that Ventura is over an hour away... this could be false information, though. I hope its closer - I would love for you to visit! (and not just to take out the trash =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nicki!

jordan gustafson said...

hi so i was under the impression that kyle goodman was my on campus boyfriend. what the heck? i guess our school is filled with failed relationships and back stabbing room mates... <3 jordan