Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Chipotle is my most flavorite fast-foodish place to eat down here in CA - yes it's mexican food -Subway style (kind of like Qdoba - but waaaaaaaaay better - for all you woarshingtonians). The closest one to HIU is in Newport - booooo!. BUUUUUT one was built over on State College/Chapman (yes!, right where I work) this past summer and I've been anxiously awaiting for its grand opening on Friday, October 21st.
Serena had heard rumors about Chipotle opening early and something about getting a coupon for free burritos - hmmmmm, intriguing (don't you think of Mr. Burns shuffling his fingers when you read that?). So after our game against CBU (we lost 1-0, that's all the light it's getting tonight, and really ever) on the way home Coach Emily took a detour back to the parking lot to see what was really going about the mysterious opening at this delicioso resturante - pardon my horrible spanish.
This is what it looked like:

So ofcourse, it seems as though it is open for business. We return to HIU and all unpile out of the van - I scurry to my upstairs dorm room to grab my keys and wallet, which I realize I had with me the whole time, and then hop in the prelude with Serena to get in the HUGE line at Chipotle. Coach Emily met up with us a little later, but to no benefit of hers because we had made no real progress.
"Heck yes! We're INSIDE" I exclaimed as we stepped foot in the restaurant after waiting foooorrreeeevvveeer outside in line - even though we still had fooooorrrreeeeevvvveeeer to go. It seemed like we were in line for a ride at disney land on the 4th of July.
After the three of us made our way through the ordering process we reached for our wallets only to find out the best news we've heard all day, "Oh, it's actually free." Emily was so excited it was hooolarious - she started calling everyone she knew. No wonder why the line was gigantuan (big =), it was because all these people knew they were getting free food. We were the only ones crazy enough to wait thaaaaaat long for a freaking burrito.
It would have been worth it, nonetheless. The food was AMAZING like usual - and I was starving. Coach Emily called Coach Kelly to tell her the news. About 5 minutes later they started turning people away and then locked the doors. We were joking around about how bad it would have sucked if Kelly decided she wanted to come ANNNNNNND what do ya know?: SHE DID. Poor Kelly also got turned away - we tried to motion to the employee that she was with us, but there was no hope - she looked like a sad puppy dog as she left. We all felt really bad.... no really, at this very moment, I still do feel incredibly bad.
Anyway, we got in some sweet conversation - a little about life, a little about soccer, and a little about everything else.

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