Tuesday, September 27, 2005

kicking off the season

me and my roomie Jessica
Naughty. I skipped HOAR - history of american religion - tonight to meet the guys team at Olive Garden after their victory over Whittier College. We all gathered together to celebrate the beginning of GSAC (Golden State Athletic Conference) to all you can eat pasta, salad, bread and soup. The GSAC is the most competitive soccer league in the Nation (for both the men and the women of the NAIA). Tomorrow the Women's team is provided with the oppurtunity to make history here at HIU: with a win over Master's College - from Santa Clarita - we will be invited to the NCCAA National Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida on Novemember 16th-21st (oh yeah and don't forget the addition of the 4th season of Gilmore Girls to the roomies collection). me, jenny, taryne, serena and jessica

Taryne my goalie
my roommate christine, and serena

the guys told the waiter that it was Nik's birthday - very original, huh? He's currently the leading scorer for the guys team. Isn't that cute? Nik and Nic leading scorers =)


So Master's shows up kind of late - a bit cocky - and gives a half arse pregame warm-up. I guess they were expecting to walk all over us - the coach seemed to like the phrase "it's JUST Hope ladies!" It was scoreless at half time because we didn't capatilize on early oppurtunities on goal. The ref was horrible - he couldn't regulate the game. At the beginning of the 2nd half I went for a header and bashed heads with ogre #11 from the opposing team - I won the header =). I dropped to the ground, though, and got up to regain my composure - bending over to put my hands on my knees is when blood sporatically started gushing and spurting from my head. I was hysterical and freaking out. My fellow forward, Jenny, immediately slapped her hand to my forehead to put pressure on it so the blood would stop gushing. It was disgusting - kill bill esque, Quentin Tarantino would have been proud - I never knew blood actually spurted out like that. I believe we have it all on tape. The whole team was freaking out, even the referee. All my teammates were suffocating me with their hands to my face and I yelled some profanities that I am not too proud of. While the trainer escorted me off the field I lifted my blood dripping hand and pointed right into the ref's face and yelled "Start regulating the game, this is getting ridiculous!" He looked horrified. If you were at the game you would understand what I was saying.

After about ten minutes of treatment on the sideline I jumped back into the game, which was still scoreless, with a new uniform. Did I mention the referree was incompetent? Yeah, wasn't sure - but he was. I came back into the game with a new air and with unfinished business - wouldn't the greatest ending to this story be that I came back and scored to win the game?? sorry to dissapoint you, but getting my head cracked couldn't even get me to BECAUSE I NEVER DID. NO ONE DID, even after double overtime. I had the most beautiful chance to score in the 2nd half, one of those that I would normally finish 9 out of 10 times - but today's fell in the 1 out of 10 category. So that's how it ended, after 110 minutes WE TIED. I can't even begin to describe how frustrated I was after the game. Finally after cool down and a couple words from coach, I made my way to the emergency room to get some stitches.

Serena drove my car from the game to the Kaiser Permanente ER. We waited FOOORRREEEEVVVVEEER in the lobby and finally after the world news, learning about some guy from Tuscany who plays music throughout his vineyard to help the grapes grow larger, and half way through Jeopardy at about 7:45 I was called in by the nurse. The Doc was an awesome guy and the whole experience turned out ok. There was a little girl about 5 years old who looked like a mini me and came into the room to tell me that getting stitches wasn't all that bad - she had just received 16 in her chin from a skooter accident. After 12 stitches, a Disney Belle sticker, and a huge Carne Asada burrito, Serena and I made it back to HIU around 8:30. Serena is the one who took the awesome pics of my laceration.

So unfortunately we didn't earn the 4th season of Gilmore Girls. BUT DON'T WORRY because we still have a crack at Nationals in Florida. It all depends on who does better in the upcoming season: HIU or Masters. Each goal against is detrimental and each goal for is incredibly beneficial. I guess I better get cracking those 9 of o 10's.
Did I mention I was wearing a white uniform?? Yeah it was a bloody mess =).


Anonymous said...

hey coley, even though we might not have won the game (frustrating yes i know). that still was pretty courageous of you to still go back into the game. i honestly admire you for what you did and lifting the team back up again, that to me showed alot of leadership "strength and courage j:1-9" and im sooooo grateful to have u as our capt.- ana

jon said...

pretty gnar