Saturday, July 30, 2005

Planning the last Rendezvous

Since I'm leaving soon I went ahead and started planning a little date for me and Nick - kind of our last rendezvous. He's been incredibly busy working ALL THE TIME doing his landscaping all morning-afternoon and even during the evenings that he's got work off at Target. For the date, I guess my objective is to do as many things as possible for as little as possible - and I think I proved pretty successful yesterday. You will be updated about such things next weekend.

The last rendezvous will take place in Seattle. It wasn't originally, but just know there was a factor that brought it there. So instead of just relying on the internet I decided to drive and check out all the places - ya know, this way I could become familiar so then there will be no bad surprises. I'm up for good surprises.

Anyway I was finishing up the second part of the date and realized that Bridget and Beau were back from Europe. So I gave Bridget a ring, stopped by her place on queen anne, and we walked around fremont enjoying italian ice cream and each other's company. Fremont is a queer little place - they have tagged themselves as "the center of the universe" and recommend that you "turn your watch back 5 minutes." After my stroll with Bridget I had a few more places to check out and then my next stop was Home.

On my way out of Seattle I was starting to get a killer headache and I was feeling a little drowsy. It was about 2:30, so I made the decision to fight traffic instead of kick it in the big city for 4 or 5 more hours. The 5 was smooth sailing until, ofcourse, Southcenter Mall hit. What's it really called now? I don't even know - like Westfield?? Regardless, it was gridlock all the way home.

Since traffic just isn't bad enough by itself, I decided to add a little more stress to my life at the Kent-Des Moines Exit. Yep, I ran into the SUV in front of me - going as fast as an automatic goes when you lift your foot off the break peddle - mom finds humor in that for some reason.... kind of bugs me, not gonna lie. So it was a fender bender... but no fender was really bent. The SUV suffered miniscule paint scratches on it's rear bumper, but my mom's Accord (yep, my 'lude was in the shop) lost it's "H" emblem and the grill was slightly pushed in - although you wouldn't be able to tell unless you were told that something had happened to it and where to look. **

The annoying part of this collision is that the guy and his wife were from out of state and had rented the SUV just previous to being on the road - he has to claim it. The rental company is not going to take the SUV off the line JUST to fix a little paint scratch, but the guy is probably going to get charged for SOMETHING when he claims the damage while returning the car, which is just gravy for me. We exchanged information - and I get to look forward to waiting to see what happens. Paps gave me a tiff about how if I don't fill out an accident report then by WA state law it is possible that my license could be revoked. THANKS paps, really didn't know that, how about instead of assuming that I was going to try to undermine the law maybe you could just let me know what it is I need to do.

So were you wondering how I did it? Yeah, so did both sets of my Grandparents last night. What is it that you really want to know? Is it wrong the question urks me? You know that I was on I-5 and that I hit the car in front of me going almost nothing.... what else do you need to know? Am I supposed to confirm for you that I'm an idiot, that I was unaware that at that instant my lane had come to a complete stop - even though we were at a hault several times before. Do you want me to admit that the collision could have been prevented if I would have just concentrated for the entire 2 hours of going an avg of 5 mph. Well there you have it: I messed up.

This puts me in the position where I can't wait to be independent from my parents. I wouldn't have to deal with the guilt that comes with the accident. With the accident comes financial consequence, which is the ONLY detriment I have when I am independent from mis padres. The guilt trip factor is eliminated. Sorry to sound ungrateful - I understand that I am given the privilege to drive a car without paying for it or my insurance. To thank my parents for their generosity I do things like total my dads truck* and wreck my mom's accord.

After apologizing after - which is so insincere and overrated (only because an apology doesn't even begin to describe how crappy you feel about what you did) - both incidences I received a "These things happen, but there will be some consequences." How annoying is that statement!?!? What it really means is Mom and Paps are going to talk about different ways they can inconvience my life so that I can suffer for what I did. THIS IS WHAT I GET TO AVOID WHEN I'M DONE LIVING UNDER THIS HOUSE. How about instead of deciding tit-for-tat and how my punishment is subjectively related to the damage I caused - why don't we be real about it. Being real: how much money is it going to set you back to fix the accord - and if my insurance goes up how much money is that. Add it all up, bill me, and if I don't have ALL of it right now give me the chance to earn it. Mom and Paps are not my insurance company - THEY ARE MY PARENTS.

What's even better is that the trip could have been in vain. Nick doesn't work Thursday, but he's not sure if he can take Friday off for landscaping. So the planning for the last rendezvous could be just that: a plan - never executed. So much for planning as many events for as little moolah as possible. It looks like this date has cost me more than I was prepared for =).

*I'll blog about the truck sometime


D-Vyzzle said...

Aw man I'm sorry, I know i've come close to doing that in traffic where you move 2 inches, stop, get angry, move 2 more inches, stop . . . and it goes on . . . pickleball soon?! like every day up until you leave? grood grood.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! Parents can be quite annoying...