Sunday, July 31, 2005

Comedy Night

Saturday Nick told me to pick him up from work at 9:00 pm and have something planned - just know there's something more behind that statement, but we won't get into it. While planning the last rendezvous (confused?, see Planning The Last Rendezvous) I thought about adding a Comedy Show to the list of events - Nick enjoys comedy central, blue-collar comedy and, like everybody else, Dane Cook.

A year or two ago Nick took me to Rock-Bottom for dinner and then to Jet City Improv for a little entertainment. After the show he was incredibly dissapointed because he had expected a stand-up show and instead it happened to be "twisted flicks" night- this is where they take a really old poorly written horror film and dub it with improvisations (even the music and sound effects are done on the spot). Being a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 2000, I happened to enjoy the night immensely.

So our last rendezvous is supposed to be this Thursday night which happened to be the premier of "The Beauty Pageant" at Jet City Improv. I debated whether Nick would want to see something titled "The Beauty Pageant" for a couple seconds and decided to nix the idea from the last Rendezvous itinerary. Before I even began the "pick me up from work and have something planned" brainstorming, I recalled that JCI might have scheduled one of their regular Improv shows that night - Saturday. Indeed, they did: 10:30 pm. How perfect! Nick's off at 9, grab something to eat, head out by 9:30 and have plenty of time to get to the Theatre - it's located in the U-District (North Seattle).

I buy a pair of tickets online and head out the door - a little on the tardy side - to pick up Nicky from Target. He happened to to be ready no earlier than me showing up at the front doors - sweet deal. We stopped to get him take-out at a Teriyaki joint and then headed North on the 5. When Nick asked what we were doing I just replied, "I really don't know" (just to get a rise out of him) and then, ofcourse, I added "ha, just kidding, you'll find out."

During the trip we discussed my recent -the day before- car accident and I talked about my consequences and such. Nick chimed in something to the effect, "yeah, it's kind of weird that your parents are letting you drive tonight - and on the I-5 at that." It's like he had it planned or something because just pass the bend at southcenter there was another tail gate party on the freeway. This was more frustrating because the show was at 10:30 and we were in a jam at 10:00 pm only just beyond the mall in Tukwila.

So we're cruising at about 20 mph until the first seattle exit only to find a car or two on the side of the road accompanied by a little debris- this is what Nick told me (why I can't give you a detailed description is because I WASN'T LOOKING AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD but instead I WAS LOOKING AT THE ROAD AHEAD). It's amazing how a little debris on the side of the road could potentially ruin someone's night - I guess I would have been less annoyed if I hadn't bought the tickets ahead of time.

Anyway, enough over-dramatizing the traffic situation... I tell Nick that we are on our way to JCI and this time NOT to see a twisted flick. I take my exit, we park, walk to the Theatre and are seated with 10 minutes to spare. Everything's gravy until on screen they show a clip about twisted flicks and Nick turns to me giving me that "I think it's another movie night" look and then I'm kicking myself thinking "how could I have missed that... what an idiot." ( even though a little bit of me was thinking "why would they advertise for twisted flick night on twisted flick night, it just doesn't seem to fit). Well after worrying over NOTHING for a couple minutes the Host gets on stage to welcome us to game and skit night. Whew.

The show most definately met my expectations. They promised that it had never been seen before and would never be seen again =). I recommend checking it out if you're ever in the Seattle area on a weekend.

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