Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cape Cod Gray

Yesterday Paps and I started painting the house. Really, just the side of the house. Painting the ENTIRE house is considered too big of a project so Paps paints one side a year. But actually this is the first time that we've painted on this particular house... that is because we've only lived here for - ohhhh - going on two years, I guess. I've never aided Paps with the house painting. The last time Paps recruited me for a paint job was at our previous house when he wanted the fence re-done.

I thought painting would be really fun. And actually painting IS really fun... but what's NOT fun about painting is the set up. That is, taping the windows and covering everything you don't want paint on with something. I figured out right away why Paps had me help him this time... it was to climb to the tip top of the latter to paint the banister and the siding higher up. I was scared out of my mind up there - not gonna lie. Covering the window up there yesterday was pushing it enough, but today when I got to painting my right calf decided to spaz out and twitch like crazy. If it would have started to cramp I think my head would have become one with the cement driveway. *~shivers~* just thinking about it.

So the guy who built the house painted all of the boards previous to siding the house. And, lucky us, he chose and incredibly expensive paint. Actually, it wasn't paint but it was a stain - this is so that the texture of the wood stands out, kind of giving a rustic look (fitting for our cabin-like home). It's called Cape Cod gray. So instead of thick, goopy paint I smeared this expensive oil-like substance over the wood. After I had been painting for awhile I looked up and noticed that the stain was just being absorbed into the wood, leaving it look like I hadn't touched it yet. Some of the time it got to the point where I couldn't remember if I had done the a particular board or not. When I finished the top section I climbed down to find that I was, indeed, making progress.

We finished painting the whole garage side today and I think it turned out really nice. We will continue to the front this coming weekend ANNNNNND Paps even decided to finish up the rest of the casa by the Fall.

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