Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twenty-two movies, 90 women, tens of millions of fans.

Common complaints about the new 007 films:

What’s with the realism?
Where’s R and the gadgets?
Daniel’s too short.

I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as my James Bond, and I'm excited to add Daniel Craig to that list, as I've been to the theatre twice now for Quantum of Solace. A little research is required for me to become acquainted with Timothy, Roger and Sean (and that random guy who was Bond for a day).

I watched Bond Girls are Forever (2002) today, compliments of Comcast On Demand, and was reminded why I am a fan of the new direction for 007 in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Today I have identified my natural distaste for the way women are portrayed in most all of the original Bond movies as powerless sex objects. Being a fictional fantasy just for the sake of a man is a waste. Today’s Bond Women are sexy because they are sophisticated, intelligent, athletic, gorgeous and worthy adversaries of James.

Sean Connery and Roger Moore’s James Bond character behaved repulsively toward women. Sexually harassing his secretary, slapping women on the butt, dialoguing with women with cheesy sexual innuendos, and forcing or tricking them to be intimate with him. Condoning misogynistic or chauvinistic behavior by heroes in screenplays today is absolutely unheard of. Daniel Craig is the neo 007 agent, a reflection of the human rights progress made today in western society.

Some memorable Bond Girl names:

Honey Rider
Pussy Galore
Kissy Suzuki
Plenty O’Toole
Mary Goodnight
Holly Goodhead
Xenia Onatopp

Click here for Bond Girls pics and bios

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Ben said...

i also support the movement from powerless sex objects to powerful sex objects.