Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fox Television's 24: Redemption features a child soldier plot in it's season 7 premiere Nov. 23. The two hour event is available on DVD the following Tuesday, including a "Children of War" bonus featurette.

After sacrificing everything for his country, Jack Bauer (Sutherland) is wanted by the U.S. government and now stands to lose the only thing he has left: his freedom. Working as a missionary in Africa, Bauer is called upon to stop a ruthless warlord from drafting innocent children into his murderous militia. First, Bauer must confront his own torturous past and face an impossible decision that will change his life forever. A decision that will set the stage and raise the stakes for Season Seven, which debuts in January 2009.

Fox Television 23:Redemption

President Aide “It is his country.”
President Noah Daniels “But I’m paying for it”

President Noah Daniels
“I don’t want those transactions traceable.”
President Aide “Burn the records and bury the ashes.”

President-elect Allison Taylor
“Last time [General Benjamin] Juma made a power grab he ignited a tribal war that killed tens of thousands of civilians.”
Taylor Aide “But it isn’t our war.”

U.S. tax dollars continue to fund the use of child soldiers abroad
Bill to restrict military funding to governments using child soldiers still waiting for Senate vote

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