Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Saturday Off

A Saturday off of soccer, that is.

Last night we lost to Pomona Pitzer 3-0. They scored all their goals in the first half, we were able to shut them out in the second, and we had a few dangerous attacks on goal where we had opportunities to score. The men lost 2-1 - one of the goals was unfortunately due to a sorry indirect kick a few feet beyond the six yard box… not the way to lose a game.

On a lighter note…

It doesn’t get much better than a day off after a busy week of soccer and classes - especially on a Saturday like this where you can throw the books aside and enjoy some poolside fun. The original plan was to go to Huntington Beach, buuuut since it is labor day we decided to nix that idea - waaay too crowded. So instead we took advantage of our unheated pool @ HIU, which feels so incredibly good to dive into after laying out in the hot hot sun. Rodrigo snapped a picture of Serena, Andy, Liz and Kyle in a chicken fight - I’m just swimming and doing my thing in the background if ya didn’t notice =).

After sun-drying, Serena, Andy and I took a trip to Chino to Juice It Up - it’s like a Jamba Juice or Emerald City Smoothie. My taste buds explored the Orange Blitz while Andy settled with the usual Lava Flow and Serena tried the new Razzle Dazzle. On the way back we witnessed a high speed car chase - it was crazy - but not too surprising because we were in Chino.

I guess I missed the memo about wearing the white sunglasses

Slappy Slapperson

When I got back to HIU I only had 10 minutes to get ready for work. Yep, that’s right - my first night back at Papa John's. I work weekends. It’s on State College and Chapman - just across the street from Cal State. Tonight was pretty sweet - half the staff goes to HIU, and I might even become an assistant manager. We’ll see about that though. Andy and Serena stopped by to order pizza and watch me slap out dough. When I clocked off and came home to my dorm room it was filled with soccer players watching Hitch and eating my pizza - I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. Working in Federal Way was boot camp compared to the PJ's in Fullerton.

There's nothing better than to end a long day with MUFF (this is a juggling game for all you yet-to-be soccer fans - I have faith in you all). Since we have gender curfew at 11pm here at the dorms, we have to find some way to entertain ourselves after hours outside. Anyway, you play with a group of people in a circle and you juggle the ball around. If you are unable to keep the ball from touching the ground you receive the letter M. If you mess up again you add a U and then an F and if you spell out MUFF then YOUR ON THE WALL SUCKER, and the rest of the gang proceeds to pound the ball as hard as they can at your hiney - fun times.

Taryne taking a whack at Jenny

ohhhh poor kyle

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