Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Slappy Slapperson

Timothy Maland

Tim's a driver @ Papa John's. This is a picture of him slapping dough - just know it's not an easy task, I've just recently got the hang of it. It starts out in a ball of proofed dough, you smother it with dustinator (like flour), make a crust by pressing your fingers down along the entire edge, stretch the dough (edge lock), flip it over and stretch it some more, then dock it (tool that puts a bunch of little holes uniformly throughout), and then - dnttdnnntttddnnnnnt - you slap it out. Slapping the dough is just as hard as it looks, but definately is easy once you get tha hang of it. You pass the dough from hand to hand while twirling it so that it is slapped evenly. When done slapping you lay the dough on a screen and place it on the rack. Adam the manager aka "the boss-man" created a competition for the slap station - everything is pretty competitive on the job. The task is to slap out a rack of 8 pies (we call the pizza's pies, by the way) in the fastest time you can. The boss-man can do it in like 2 and a half minutes. Tonight Tim was timed and he slapped out 8 pies in 5 min 46 seconds. I would guess that I could do it in roughly 8 minutes, =), although that's an optimistic prediction... but for now I'm still training for my slap station time trial.

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