Saturday, June 25, 2005

Party Poker

Today a package came in the mail and it had a sticker that read time sensative. I was kind of confused because I wasn't expecting anything - the soccer gear I bought on had already arrived, and so did my algebra book from - so what could this be?? Mom warned me that if I opened it I might be subject to some scam or paying some random fee... so I proceeded to open it anyway. How are you going to NOT OPEN A PACKAGE THAT IS SENT TO YOU??? it wasn't ticking or anything.

It was from I used to play online like a year ago but I lost two $50 buy-ins over a month span and decided to stick to the casino. Currently I don't play pok at all - not online, not at the casino, not even at one of the guys house. I think at college the classes and athletics gave me little time to do much else and playing pok was definately not on the priority list. So anyway they sent me a Hat and a letter that credited my old acount $20 bucks. THEY GAVE ME 20 BUCKS! ha... so I downloaded party poker and started playing. Then Jon and Paps took over. Mom just sat back and got all annoyed - it was great =). Jon got up to around 40 bucks or so... but even if we lost it who cares right?? -- it's not our money.

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