Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Campfield Wedding

unfortunately I didn't get a cool picture of the fondu fountain... so just imagine the shape of the cake on the left and then instead of frosting picture liquid-silk-chocolate flowing from the top to the bottom... the photographer even took a staged picture of Tristen and I sticking marshmellows in the chocolate.... after we made a plate display of the delicacies on the right - I think it turned out pretty cool.

the wedding turned out to be pretty sweet. Jon did awesome - made me nervous a little anyway... just nervous for him really, c'mon it was his first wedding!!. KEEP THE INSANITY ALIVE! Beau's speech was cute, i thought he was getting teary eyed until he ended with: IF YOU EVER GET IN A FIGHT --- JUST REMEMBER SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT. Jon thought he was going to say JUST GET NAKED.

so i've come to the conclusion that if Chris and Kristy don't work out it's going to be all the Collins fault: mom and paps were their marriage counselors, beau was the best man and is Chris's best friend, and jon married them. and me - well i can't be held responsible - i just showed up.

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